A Moment Realised.

By Alia

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Summary: A moment finally realised.

Authors Notes: This story is written in response to Moonmothís beautiful fic, "Moment" & Mareelís equally beautiful sequel, "Momentís Reflection." It is also my very first attempt at writing in the second person narrative. Australian Spelling.

Thanks: To Mareel and Moonmoth for checking this over for me.

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Just a moment ago you were holding him, enjoying the freedom to finally do so, the way you fit together along with the security you find in his arms. It shouldnít surprise you that you feel so safe with him, after all he has protected and served with you for years now. Still, you tremble as he takes your hand and leads you further into the room and then guides you down on to his bed.

You are not used to such cramped conditions but your heart beats so fast as he arranges you and makes room for himself beside you that you hardly notice how narrow the bed is. You feel as if this canít be real, that you must be dreaming. It scarcely seems like a moment ago that you were fighting with him - leaving him behind so that if nothing else, you knew he would be safe, that he would live.

He asks you if this is what you want but you cannot speak, you donít have the words to tell him this is all you have thought about since you returned and woke to find him kissing you. You have recovered physically but you are no better equipped to verbalise your feelings than you were weeks ago and you reach for him instead, hoping he will understand, that he will allow you to show him just how much you want this.

You touch his cheek, breathing in his scent as you trace the fine contours of his lips, silently begging him to kiss you again. You open to him as he fulfils your wish, arching up to greet him, to feel the strong beat of his heart. This is not the first time you have felt his fire, his need and desire and you wrap your arms around him, ready if either of you should drown in the other. It is what you want now the threat has past, to lose yourself in him.

Formality gives way to need in much the same way that your arguments have given way to this. Uniforms are slowly removed and roles are reversed. You feel like a novice, not worthy of his patience, or the forgiveness you see in his eyes. There are no scars to show the hurt you caused, only the lingering memory of each and every one.

He hushes you gently and whispers his passion and you gasp at the sweetness of what has finally brought you here.

Moments of learning and remaking have led to this, no longer disconnected or filled with dread and fear. No more to reflect on, or to be redefined.

Now there is only one moment.

This moment.

A moment realised.


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