A Parting Gift.

Alia - 2008

Disclaimer: The characters depicted below do not belong to me.

Summary: A force of nature far beyond our control.

Rating: G

Author's Notes: This ficlet was written to address prompt 22# Death, for the Slash_100 community on live journal. It is also unbetaed and contains Australian spelling. All mistakes are my own; please feel free to point them out.

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There are no goodbyes or need for sorrow. I go now with all I ever wanted to know.

After many years as partners there would come a day during the long winter of 1928 when Sherlock Holmes and I would finally part for the last time. It was not so much a breaking of our bonds or loyalties that would ultimately sever our partnership, but a force of nature far beyond either of our control.

I was with him at the end -- holding my breath in hopes that his would last long enough for me to express my unwavering devotion to him. In all the years we had shared rooms and on many occasions, the same bed, I had never once told him that I loved him, would always love him, until death parted us.

To tell him the true depth of my feeling on the brink of his demise seemed such a paltry offering, and yet as my eyes filled with tears and my heart began to break I saw in those last moments a great peace come over him, an unfamiliar smile play upon his lips and a final letting go.


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