Always a Gift.

By Alia

Disclaimer: Sam and Al do not belong to me, sad but true.

Summary: This is in response to the drabble challenge Dara put up on the Stallions Gate list recently.

Warnings: None really, slashy overtones that's all.

Authors notes: I could only get this down to 108 words so it might have to be considered a ficlet.

Thanks: To Ian for betaing.



Being separated from the one you love isn't easy. In fact when I first started leaping I didn't even know who Al was, or what we were to one another. And then when I finally did remember our life together I couldn't do anything about it. Sometimes I thought I was being punished. I could see and hear him, but no matter how much I wanted to bridge the distance time and space had placed in our way, I could not reach out and touch him.

I've learnt a lot since then, and now I know each time he shows up its not a punishment, but a gift.

The End

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