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All stories revolve around Captain Jonathan Archer & Lieutenant Malcolm Reed.

Warnings:All stories are slash by nature and contain intimate interactions between two men. All warnings should be heeded as some of the content is graphic and may offend some readers.

Disclaimer: The Enterprise characters are the property of Paramount and do not belong to me. I am only borrowing them and no copyright infringement is intended.

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The Give & Take series.

Not What You Want - We can't always get what we want but sometimes we can have what we need. Malcolm gives Jon what he needs but will he ever give Malcolm what he wants. Rated NC17. 2003

All That I Need - Captain Archer gets his needs met, but is there still someone left wanting. Rated NC17. 2004

Innocence Lost - Jon may feel he's losing it, but there are still somethings he can rely on. Rated G. 2004

Too late to say Goodbye - Jon's thought as he leaves Malcolm for the last time. Rated G. 2004

With all my Heart - Jon listen to his heart. Rated PG. 2004

Sometimes - Jon's musing during season three. Drabble 108 words. Rated G. 2005

Take me - Jon makes Malcolm an offer. Rated R. 2005

Where your heart will take us - Malcolm wakes to find himself in Jon's bed. Rated R. 2009

Not in so many words - First time - prelude to the Give & Take series. Rated PG. 2009

The Judgement series.

The when, the where and the why. - Season two, the captain's cabin, because they have waited long enough. Rated G. 2014

Shelter from the Storm. - Malcolm provides respite. Rated PG. 2014

New ground. - Where to from here. Rated PG. 2014

Discourse. - Not all communication is verbal. Rated PG. 2014

Strong enough. - Jonathan continues to learn what it means to surrender. Rated NC17. 2015

Other Archer & Reed fiction.

A Moment Realised - A moment finally realised. Rated G. 2005

Damage Control - During the sting with Degra and his crew an unexpected opportunity presents itself which Archer takes only to find himself dealing with another problem entirely. Rated R. 2005

1st ENT Other Slash - Damage Control by Alia
2nd ENT Archer/Reed - Damage Control by Alia
3rd ENT Slash - Damage Control by Alia

Losing You - Story two in the "Unexpected series". Malcolm experiences the unthinkable during Zero Hour. Rated G. 2005

The Captain's Table - Jonathan makes his move. Drabble. Rated G. 2006

Love is Patient, Love is Kind. - Malcolm ponders the gift of patience. Rated PG. 2007

Absolution. - A desperate Malcolm seeks absolution for his sins. Rated R. 2007 This story tied for first in the Ent Slash & Archer & Reed categories of the 2007 Golden O's.

Tie for 1st ENT Slash - Absolution by Alia
Tie for 1st Archer & Reed - Absolution by Alia

Beyond Tomorrow. - Jonathan Archer has survived the Expanse, but what comes next? Rated PG+. 2009

Now. - Jon and Malcolm consummate their relationship. This story is the sequel to Soon. Rated NC17. 2009

Today and days like it. - Malcolm visits Jonathan on Ceti Alpha V. Rated G. 2015

7 Virtues - Co-written with Mareel.

My Hero. - 'Humility' prompt #1. Rated PG. 2007

Till We Meet Again. - 'Abstinence' prompt #3. Rated R. 2006

Soon. - 'Chastity' prompt #4. Rated PG. 2008

Labour of Love. - 'Diligence' prompt #7. Rated PG. 2008

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