Goodbye to Love.

By Alia

Disclaimer: HBO owns them, not me.

Pairing: Beecher/Keller

Summary: Toby is sad.

Rating: G

Warnings: This drabble was inspired by, and contains spoilers for the season 4 episode ďCuts like a knife.Ē

Notes:This drabble is unbetaed and contains Australian spelling.

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You donít say anything about the bruises on my face, but I guess you are so used to seeing me battered and bruised, that you forget youíre the one who puts them there. Itís not important, I tell myself. We donít have very much time.

I want to tell you that none of this makes any sense, that telling them youíre responsible for Hankís death wonít stop Schillinger, but you are past listening, resigned to your fate.  Instead you talk about things that donít have any place here -- love and honour -- things I thought I left behind when I came to Oz. Things, I know will be missing when youíre gone.


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