Goodbye to You.

By Alia


Disclaimer: HBO owns them, not me.

Pairing: Beecher/Keller

Summary: Toby is confused.

Rating: G

Warnings: This drabble was inspired by, and contains spoilers for the season 4 episode ďCuts like a knife.Ē

Notes: This is my first attempt in the Oz fandom. It is also unbetaed and contains Australian spelling.

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Of all the things youíve done to me and for me, admitting to a crime that you didnít commit makes the least amount of sense.

You tell me the reasons should be obvious and in any other place but Oz, I would think they would be. This isnít anywhere else though, there is no such thing as honour here, or anything that resembles what I used to think as love. There is only you and me, and now thatís about to change too.

You also tell me youíll see me around -- that God doesnít have the balls to keep us apart, but that canít be true, because neither of us are going to heaven and I know youíre not coming back.


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