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    Archer's Enterprise - An archive full of great stories about my favorite captain.

    Archer/Reed - The perfect place to look for fiction about Jon & Mal. Set up and run by Mareel, this site provides a very intimate look at the relationship between the captain of the very first Enterprise and his armory officer.

    Ent Musing - A role playing community forcusing on the Enterprise characters. Lots of Archer & Reed.

    EntSTCommunity - An Enterprise archive cover all pairings, ratings etc.,

    Reed's Armory - Fiction devoted to Enterprise's own armory officer, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed. Het, gen & Slash.

    Treksoap - A role playing community that has to be seen to be believed. Lots of couples. Het & Slash.

    Vortex - Enterprise fiction by Mareel.

Quantum Leap

Sherlock Holmes

    AdultFanFiction.Net - Contains many fandoms including a growing number of Sherlock Holmes slash stories. Search by fandom to read the Holmes fic's.

    Cox & Co - This is a live journal community for Sherlock Holmes slash. You must be 18 years old to join. .

    Elfin Productions - I first came across Elfin when I was reading a lot of Jurrasic Park 3 fiction but soon discovered that writes in many different fandoms but I love her Holmes and Watson slash fiction. Search by fandom.

    Holmes/Watson slash links - A frequently updated list of what is new in the Holmes/Watson slash fandom. Plus links to numerous other Holmes slash sites and authors.

    Holmes/Watson Slash Fiction Site with lovely works of fiction by Nlr Alicia.

    However Improbable - Monographs on the Many Sides of Sleuth Sexuality.

    Lyra's Variations - Lyra has a growing collection of lovely Sherlock Holmes stories that are not to be missed.

    The Motley Collection - Wonderful romantic Holmes slash by Voilet Nightingale.

    Oblique Publications - A Slash Archive - I happened across this archive while originally searching for more Holmes & Watson slash and was very pleased to discover that not only did I find what I was looking for but much more also. All fic's available in PDF (Portable document format.)

    Sacrilege - A Sherlock Holmes archive housing fiction, links and picture for this very slashy fandom. Also provides a list of sites owned by various members of the Holmes & Watson list.

    The Seventeenth Step - Holmes & Watson fan fiction by Katie Forstythe.

Miscellaneous Fandoms

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel: The series Fan Fiction Archive. - Buffy/Angel. No matter which pairing you are searching for, you will find it here. Includes, het and gen fiction as well as slash.

    CSI Forensics. - CSI. Slash, Het & Gen fiction with all your favorite characters and pairings.

    Due Slash. -The Due South Slash Fanfiction Archive.

    Firefly's Glow Archive. - FireFly. Slash, Het & Gen fiction for all your favorite characters.

    D & M Futures Without End - Highlander. A truly beautiful site full of wonderful Duncan & Methos on line zines complete with pictures.

    Faramir Fanfiction Archive - Lord of the Rings. Faramir related fiction and art work. Lots of great slash and pretty picture to read and see here.

    Fellowship - Lord of the Rings. A lovely slash archive of fiction, poetry and fan art all based on the relationship between Boromir & Aragorn.

    The Library of Moria - Lord of the Rings. All slash pairings and ratings.

    Your Cruise Director's Love Boat - Fanfiction and Art - Your Cruise Director writes in a number of different fandoms but her Lord of the Rings stories are amongst my all time favorites. All are beautifully written. I go here often.

    The Bards Den - Just amazing TPM slash fiction written by Rushlight. She had me completely spellbound from the very beginning of her "With or Without Consent" series and I have stayed well and truly hooked ever since. BTW Rushlight also writes great Sentinal,Due South and Harry Potter fiction amongst others.

Multi Fandom Archives

    Oblique Publications - A Slash Archive - I happened across this archive while originally searching for more Holmes & Watson slash and was very pleased to discover that not only did I find what I was looking for but much more also. Check it out you will pleasantly surprised at what's here. Some of the fandoms included are Batman, Due South, Holmes & Watson, The Professionals, X Files etc., All fic's available in PDF (Portable document format.)

    Open Air Insane Asylum - Lots of fandoms. Buffy, Chronicles of Riddick, Lord of the Rings, and many others. Great reading.

    SlashCity - Probably one of the very best places to go on the net for slash fiction in various fandoms.

    The Theban Band - Slashy fan art from many fandoms. All exquisite.

    The Wonderful World of Makebelieve Archive - Something for everyone here. Het, slash and gen for over 200 fandoms. Also provides links for more specilized tastes.

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