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Warnings:All stories are slash by nature and contain intimate interactions between two men. All warnings should be heeded as some of the content is graphic and may offend some readers.

Disclaimer: All of the characters depicted here are the property of their original creators and do not belong to me. I am only borrowing them and no copyright infringement is intended.

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Virgin Sacrifice - Some sacrifices are necessary, others are inevitable. Rated R. � 2006

The Lonest Night - Gil is feeling useless and needs to take back some control. Rated R. Warning This story contains Kink & Het interactions. � 2008

Lord of the Rings

Brother - Poem. Faramir's thoughts on Boromir's passing.Warnings: Brotherly love (incest)

If Only - Poem. Aragorn wishes for the return of Boromir at the battle of Helm's Deep. � 2002


Goodbye to You. - Toby is confused. Drabble. Rated G. � 2005

Goodbye to Love. - Toby is sad. Drabble. Rated G. � 2005

The State Within

Only God decided . - Christopher's plans never included this. Drabble +. Rated G. � 2009


Without Sin. - Before he fall. Ficlet. Written as a prelude for my 7 deadly sin community challenge. Rated G. � 2009


All part of the service. - Late at night Ianto provides more than coffee. Double Drabble. Rated PG. � 2007

At your mercy. - Ianto gets more than he bargained for with Jack. Drabble. Rated R. � 2008

Not love. - Only time will tell. Drabble. Rated G. � 2008

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