Only God Decides

Only God decides

By Alia

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Pairing: Christopher/Nicholas

Summary: Christopher's plans never included this.

Rating: G

Author's Notes: My first attempt in this fandom. Drabble. + Australian spelling

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We can all plan, but only God decides.

Because of this, Christopher Styles, under secretary for defence intelligence would die without ever seeing his dreams of power to their inevitable end, or knowing how much his life had meant to those around him -- not by his own hand as he had planned, but from a bullet fired from Macintyre's silenced pistol, that would leave his young body bloody and broken before help could reach him.

He would barely register Nicholas' attempts to save him, or the other mans presence as he knelt beside him, willing him back to life.

He would never understand that despite his betrayal, Nicholas would still gentle him as he passed and mourn for all the days that followed.



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