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Yes, I know that just because you can do something that doesn't mean you should. This page contains all the pictures I have made or manipulated while I've been working out how to use my different graphic's programs. At the moment all pictures are based on Sam & Al from Quantum Leap, but I intend adding other fandoms as time permits. Please keep in mind that this page is always under construction.

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This page was last updated on the 22nd of February 2006

The Moment Series

Sharing a Moment -
With a little cutting and pasting and a lot of patience I was able to bring the boys closer together so that they could share the intimate moment seen above A Moment in Time - I have been moving the boys around again. But this time I have added an effect that reminds me of the old Time Tunnel series.  Another Moment -
 aka Your not listening to me, kid is another of my attempts at photo manipulation. Or in this case simply moving the boys closer together than they were in the orginal picture.


Untitled Series

Apart -
This is part of a new series of pic's I have been playing with. Once again I have taken a picture of Sam & Al and changed it around to create a new mood. Together -
Picture 2 of the still untitled series. Almost -
I used two seperate pic's this time and kept moving them until I had the look I wanted. A black & white verson of this pic appeared in the Angel & the Dreamer 8 zine.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Series

Watching Al. Dont leave me again. And many more. Made for Sam's 50th Birthday. In the Heat of the Night.
Sam Beckett Angel in disguise.  18/11/04. An angel to watch over me.  Protrait.  This pic appeared on the cover of the Angel & the Dreamer 8 zine. The Kiss. This pic appears at the end of part three of the fic The Kiss. The fic is available on my Quantum Leap page.

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