The 'Prelude' Series.

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The Prelude series is currently four (4) completed stories with an undetermined number of other's to be added as time goes by and the mood strikes me to write more in this universe.

What you should know about this series before you go any further.


All stories are slash by nature and contain intimate interactions between two men. All warnings should be heeded as some of the content is graphic and may offend some readers.

Stories may be reviewed and revised at any time without notice.

The characters of Sam, Al, Verbena and Ziggy are all the creation of Donald P Bellisario and no copyright infringement is intended. The idea for the "Prelude" series and any new characters that appear from time to time are mine and should not be used without my permission first.

Comments are most welcome. You can contact me via

Story One (1)

Prelude to a Leap - My version of why Sam stepped into the accelerator chamber for the first time and what happened when he did. Rated NC17. 2013

Story Two (2)

The Way Home. - Sam leaps back to Project Quantum Leap in his own time, but only Al can show him the way home. Rated PG. 2014

Story Three (3)

First Times. - Sam doesn't remember his first time with Al. Rated R-NC17. 2014

Story Four (4)

An Acquired Taste. - Sam is slowly but surely rebuilding his life with Al. Rated R-NC17. 2015



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