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A selection of my stories can now be found here.

Warnings:All stories are slash by nature and contain intimate interactions between two men. All warnings should be heeded as some of the content is graphic and may offend some readers.

Disclaimer:The characters of Sam, Al, Verbena and Ziggy etc., are all the creation of Donald P Bellisario. I am only borrowing them and no copyright infringement is intended.

Comments: Are most welcome and can sent to my email address aliajones1999@yahoo.com

Page last updated on the 27th of September 2015


Dark Shadow over Time 2000 - 4

Shards of Darkness & Sliver of Light - Stories no longer available. 2001 - 3

Prelude - 2013 -

Stand alone stories

Making up for lost Time - An interlude in the midst of a busy day. Rated NC 17 for lots of M/M - Sam & Al of course. 2001

Distraction - Sam tries to get some work done. This story is rated NC 17 for M/M interactions in loving detail. 2002

Looking for Love - A lonely observer goes looking for love. Rated PG for adult themes but no sex. 2003

Late Night Observations. - My answer to the 'Al likes to Watch" challenge. Rated R. 2003

Kisses in the Dark - WIP - Sam leaps home, but can he cope with the life he has created for himself. 2015

Taking care of Business - Al goes back for more. Rated NC 17. 2005 This story is the sequel to Looking for love.

Trust Me - Al talks Sam into playing a game. Rated NC17. 2006

Stories under a 1000 words

Soul's Exposed - Sam ponders the changes to his and Al's friendship. A short vignette. Rated G. 2002

Always a Gift - A drabble written for a challenge that was posted on the Stallions Gate list. 2003

First Time - A 100 word drabble with a first time theme. 2003

Amazing Grace - A 100 word drabble with a faith theme. 2003

White Wedding - A 100 word drabble with a wedding theme. 2003

For Peace & Understanding - A 200 word double drabble written for the Yuletide Holidays challenge on QuantumLeap100. 2003

Fate's wide wheel - Sam & Al deal with the consequences of Sam's leaping around in time. 15 minute challenge . Rated G. 2005

Bring him home - Al makes a promise. Drabble. Rated G. 2006

We can't go Back - Because life must go on. Rated G. 2006

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