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Did you know that the world's only consulting detective had a lover?

Warnings: All stories are slash by nature and contain intimate interactions between two men. All warnings should be heeded as some of the content is graphic and may offend some readers.

Disclaimer: Sherlock Holmes and his beloved Doctor Watson were created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but are now public domain. No disrespect meant.

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Conjugal Visits - Nocturnal dalliances. Rated R. 2003

Romantic Holmes - Holmes ponders his intimate relationship with Watson. Rated R. 2006

Sherlock Holmes - The Case of the Blackmailer - This is my take on the Case of Charles Augustus Milverton AKA "The Master Blackmailer." Rated PG. 2007

Back to Baker Street - After they return from Baskerville Hall Holmes and Watson come to a new understanding. These are the characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but I have taken it upon myself to focus on those portrayed most recently in the BBC version of The Hound of the Baskervilles. Rated G. 2005

Love Unspoken - Holmes in love Drabble. Rated G. 2006

Faith - Holmes proposes an act of faith. Rated G. 2006

Unrequited - Unrequited love. Rated G. 2007

Tales from Baker Street. All of the stories in this section contain a darker look at the relationship between Holmes & Watson. Consider yourself warned.

Retribution - Retribution for a multitude of sins and unkindness. Rated R. 2005

Restitution - Restitution for service far beyond the bounds of friendship. This story is the sequel to Retribution. Rated R. 2006

Reprehensible - Some things are understandable whereas others leave no room for excuse. Rated R. Reworked 2013

Baker Street after Dark. Loosely based on my Tales from Baker Street series. Could be considered a prequel to that series.

Revelation - Where it all began. Rated PG. 2013

Reflection - Watson reflects on the changes to his relationship with Holmes. Rated PG. 2013

Resolute - Holmes is not an easy man to love. Rated NC17. 2013

7 Deadly Sins. All of the stories in this section have been written for the 7 deadly sins live journal community.

Greed - Sensation must first be experienced before it can be described, or understood. Rated R. 2007

Gluttony - It is I he hungers for, and no other. Rated R. 2006

Wrath - We only ever hurt the ones we love. Rated R. 2006

Sloth - There will always be exceptions to the truth. . Rated PG 2007

Envy - Watson contemplates what he envies most. Rated R. 2006

Lust - Some men lust after power, others after blood Rated PG. 2006

Pride - Right or wrong, pride can be found in all endeavours. Rated G. 2006

Slash_100. All of the stories in this section have been written for the Slash_100 live journal community.

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend - Prompt #3 - Ends. Rated PG. 2008

The Woman - Prompt #20 - Her. Rated G. 2007

A Parting Gift - Prompt #22 - Death. Rated G. 2008

Watson's Confession. - Prompt #79 - Confession. Rated R. 2008

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