By Alia

Disclaimer: Paramount owns them.

Summary: Jon’s musing during season three.

Rating: G for M/M musing.

Thanks: To Mareel for making it possible for me to see season three, and for betaing this drabble for me.

Author’s Notes: Set in the “Give & Take” universe. Told from Jon’s point of view.

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I sometimes want to crawl inside of you and take shelter from the storm.

To stop the endless struggle, and win this war.

Declare myself the victor, and you my prize.


I sometimes imagine telling you that each time we’re together I feel myself reborn.

That I am not your enemy, and challenging me won’t help the cause.

That you make me feel like a hero, like the man I want to be.


I sometimes wake up screaming, reeling from the horror for the lives already lost.

For the home we may not return to, for the life we’ll never live.

For the tomorrow that may not come.

The End

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