The Captain's Table.

By Alia.

Disclaimer: The Enterprise boys belong to Paramount.

Summary: Jonathan makes his move.

Warnings: None, rated G.

Author's Notes: This is my very silly response to Mareel's request for a little Archer & Reed just before or after one of them making the first move. Mareel gave the option of using either point of view and I have settled on Reed because although I adore Jonathan, Malcolm's voice is always louder for some reason. Please note that this drabble contains Australian spelling and is unbetaed. If you find a mistake then feel free to point it out to me.

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There was no disputing that the captain's methods are somewhat unorthodox, but still, breakfast and dinner in the captain's mess, now this...

I feel my face heat beyond what anyone could think was attractive.

"Is something wrong Malcolm?"

"No sir. It's just I've never had dessert in the captain's cabin before. May I inquire about the menu before I decide?"

I am given no verbal reply, but judging from the glint in his eyes and hand that snakes across the table to cover my own, all my suspicions are correct. There was only one item on tonight's dessert menu, me.

100 words.

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