The Woman.

By Alia

Disclaimer: The characters depicted below do not belong to me. Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson and the woman are the creation of the late and great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. No disrespect is intended.

Rating: G

Author's Notes: This ficlet was written for the slash 100 community on live journal. It is unbetaed and contains Australian spelling. All mistakes are my own; please feel free to point them out if you find one.

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To Sherlock Holmes she would always be the woman. She of course, is the lovely Irena Norton, nee Adler and who by his own admission was the only one of her sex to ever come close to turning his head and impairing his otherwise impeccable judgment. In the scheme of things it was no more than a momentary lapse, but a lapse just the same.

For Holmes, discovering a flaw in his good judgment was not easy, nor was his final admittance of it to me, who after years of intimate companionship knew him better than anyone, man or woman. Perhaps the fact that I did know him, made it all the harder for both of us to deal with the ongoing influence of the former Miss Adler on our lives.

By all accounts, including that of my own she was indeed a lovely woman, and just as Holmes had described her to me, she possessed a face that men would die for. She was also a most worthy opponent to the skills of my friend and revealed a side of him that was unknown, even to myself. A softer and more contemplative side. In fact if circumstances were different they would have made an excellent match. Holmes would laugh at such an observation but I don't doubt that the very same thought had occurred to him, if only in the passing

Indeed it is fortunate for both of us that she remains no more than a memory now, and an often dubious memory at that, for I don't believe I could have settled for a share in his affections with anyone, least of all with someone who would have certainly demanded all of him.



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