By Alia.

Disclaimer: Watson and his beloved Sherlock Holmes were created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but are now public domain. No disrespect intended.

Summary: Unrequited love.

Warnings: M/M angst, rated G.

Author's Notes: Please note that this piece of prose contains Australian spelling and is unbetaed.

Comments: Are welcome at aliajones1999@yahoo.com


You think you know me,
yet how can that be?
We have never lain abed together
or partaken of one another's seed.
We have shared many things,
trials and triumphs aplenty.
But never what I desire most,
never the sweet press of flesh or even a kiss.
Lost to me once,
you returned years later, decidedly unchanged.
Still you think you know me,
know what I wish.
We are too different however,
too set in our ways.
Yours has always been about logic,
where I, forever, am ruled by my heart.
You think you know me,
know what I need.
I have prayed for a miracle
but I know we shall never be.


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