Virgin Sacrifice.

By Alia

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Summary: Some sacrifices are necessary, others are inevitable.

Warnings: None, although you might want to keep in mind that this ficlet is my first attempt at writing anything in the CSI fandom and that it is also unbetaed.

Author's Notes: This ficlet contains Australian spelling.

Rating: R for adult imagery.

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The ancient Greeks, Romans and Aztec's all made virgin sacrifices. Sometimes the sacrifices were made to appease the Gods of the day, and other times it was to ensure a fruitful crop, but no matter the reason, they all had one thing in common -- the virgins went willingly to their fate.

Even with the heavy drapes drawn to keep out the morning sun I can't help, or hide the shudder that runs through my body as I take in the large bed in the middle of room, and the crisp new sheets adorning what I know will be our altar. This was really going to happen, my mind demands. I was finally going to surrender my mind, body and soul to the only one deserving of them.

God, give me strength.

I take a deep breath and let it out slowly and then lift my eyes to his.

Gil is dressed in a floor length cotton robe that barely conceals the well proportioned body beneath it. His hair is damp and slicked back, covering the grey that is usually more than apparent. He asks me if I'm okay, did I still want to go through with this and I nod, not giving his questions a second thought. I wanted this, no matter how terrifying the thought of having him inside of me was, I wanted this with him.

Wordlessly I undress and before long I am lying in the middle of the bed. The sheets are just as I suspected they would be and are refreshingly cool against my bare shoulders, rump and back. My mind turns once again to thoughts of young virgins anointed with fine oils as Gil prepares me. I try not to think about how closely his cock resembles a knife when he finally positions and then takes me.

There are small traces of blood on the sheets after we finish that prompts first a mumbled curse and then an unprecedented apology from my lover. Gil appears both horrified and embarrassed at the same time. Neither are reactions I am accustomed to seeing from him and for a moment or two I am not sure how I should behave. I tell him his apology is unnecessary, that I am not hurt.

To me the stained sheet seems fitting somehow, evidence of what has happened here today, but I don't say so. Perhaps it is because I always knew that sooner or later we all had to sacrifice something to be with the ones we loved and Gil is still to find this out.

The End.


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