Without Sin.

By Alia

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Characters: Dean/Castiel

Summary: Before he falls

Rating: G

Author's Notes: Written for the 7 deadly sins community. No sin yet. I am still working up it. Australian Spelling, Unbetaed. Also, this is my first Supernatural fic.

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Humans were full of contradictions. Unlike his father's other creations, man seemed determined to destroy all they had received from heaven. They were as he had been warned, selfish and unrepentant for their sins against one another and against God. While few still gave thanks for the gifts they had been given by the Holy Father, most simply took what they were given and laid waste to all around them --infecting others with their lust and greed.

The chosen one gives him little hope for their redemption. Righteous in all the ways that matters, Dean Winchester is perhaps the most frustrating of all his father's children. Driven by pride, he is not at all what Castiel had expected when he reached into hell to deliver him from harm. Far from grateful, Dean chooses instead to fight his efforts to help and guide him at every opportunity.

Some days he despairs that even an angel of the lord will not be able to lead Dean on the path he is destine to take, forcing him to question his orders for the first time in his long existence, and making him wonder, although he knows it is dangerous to do so, just how long he will be able to resist the allure of his only charge to disobey. How long until he succumbs to Dean's undeniable charms, and he falls.

End - for now.


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